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Yoga at Home


What You Need to Know

We have designed a self care tool to help promote the continuation of healthy habits. During these stressful times of isolation, one can disregard their own personal needs and fall into a pattern of unhealthy behaviors. Self-care is a necessary human regulatory function that an individual can initiate and control. The defining characteristic of self-care is that it is practiced with intention. It is easy to ignore the practice of self-care, but modern medicine acknowledges the act of self-care to be fundamental in our emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Self-care has been proven to reduce stress levels, maintain focus or refocus, and has the potential to boost personal happiness.

We have created tools to incorporate self-care techniques into our daily routine as a way to stay conscious of our wellbeing. Our blog will include activities that promote self-care in accordance with the social distancing guidelines that have been recently enacted. The guide will help to organize acts of self-care throughout the day and will give ideas and inspiration to experiment with new behaviors and habits of self improvement.

Beginning when you first wake up, this tool will ensure that you are consciously working toward a healthier you. It will include tactics such as logging the hours you slept to ensure you received a good night's sleep, keeping a dream journal, participating in a morning yoga/meditation routine, dedicating time to a personal hobby, and most importantly setting an intention to work towards each day. At the end of the day, this tool will give insight and structure to the importance of self-care ideas such as writing a small list of things to be grateful for and sharing your favorite moments with loved ones. The tool will be a virtual refuge to help guide the participants towards healthy habits during these unusual times. Through periodical check-ins and reminders, this tool will enable users to monitor their own progress toward improving their own self-care amid the hectic craze of COV-19. 


The Roots

We are students at Sacramento State University that have been inspired by our Professor Mary Breunig to bring what we have learned in class to life. This course has exposed us to theoretical and philosophical concepts of experiential education and provides a means through which we can put theory into practice in outdoor recreation settings. By using methods such as demonstrations, observation, presentations and discussions, we have explored the history and current trends of experience-based learning. Our goal is to create a design to assist educators, parents, facilitators experientially engage in teaching and learning during these virtual/Viral times while practicing positive Self-Care.

Our Mission: About
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